3 Compelling Reasons Why Your Bad Website is Killing Your Brand

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Your website is important. It is a reflection of your brand or company and if it conveys the wrong message, then people might not want to conduct business with you. In today’s article, I want to talk about some reasons why your bad website might be the reason why your brand dies a slow death based on the website design company.

Your Website Might Convey that Your Products Are of Low-Quality

So I live in an area where a grocery store is just about 2 blocks away from my house. However, even though it is pretty convenient to have a store nearby, I do not buy my groceries there. Do you want to know why?

Well, the reasons are quite simple actually. The grocery store is rarely ever taken care of. The parking space is full of trash. There is vandalism everywhere. And, their shopping carts are pretty janky (i.e. wheels not working properly, or the carts are damaged and so on).

In other words, I immediately assume that the grocery store is not good just based on external factors.

This, too, could be the reason why your website is dying a slow death. You might think that there is no problem since no one is really reporting about your bad website design. However, statistics do not lie.

If you go and examine your website’s analytics, you might find something surprising: that not a lot of people are actually visiting your website and for those people who do, they might not stay on your site for far too long.

There are pretty easy reasons why the people have acted that way towards your site. It is probably because you’ve used a template for your website, making it too generic. Or perhaps, your site is just full of clutter, making it look less professional than it needs to be. Or, maybe it just doesn’t look good and it feels cheap?

Like the grocery store example, people will assume that your services are probably of low-quality if they see your site as, well, poorly built. Be sure to incorporate site elements that will entice them to conduct business with you.

2 Your Website’s Functionalities Do Not Work

I’ve been to many websites before that have plenty of functionalities, but only a handful of them work. For instance, if I want to access their knowledge base and I clicked on it in the hopes of getting redirected to that space, it either does nothing or it redirects me to an entirely different page.

Or perhaps you have a form or something and it doesn’t even work like people are unable to put their information in or if they do, it cannot be sent because your site is just too janky.

Make sure that the functions you’re incorporating in your site work 100% of the time. You can even test it yourself before making any changes go live.

3 Your Website Offers Outdated Product Information

Say, your website offers different products that cater to a wide audience. There is nothing wrong with that, except that your products are all outdated.

You see, products or things that you sell will have updated versions. And, if your website is not up-to-date, meaning, that all of the changes are not shown on the site, then people will get confused as to what you’re really offering.

For instance, you might be selling the same product back in 2016, but it is already 2018, and the product that you sold might have an updated version already.

So as a website developer, it is important that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, especially if you’re selling some goods