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5 Business Website Design Trends Inspired by Big Data Analytics

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Testing and Analytics

More and more dashboard with different business prospects is being developed. This can be accomplished through big data analysis. When you showcase your informatics in a website dashboard, your visitors can learn more about you in a convenient, straightforward manner. Almost every professional web design agency uses data analysis nowadays.

Site searching

This is a website trend inspired by the use of big data. It enables users to monitor the things people are looking for on your pages. By adding a search box, you can track what specific information they are always searching for.

Traffic analysis

Traffic analysis allows you to know and understand real-time traffic, and then improve the specific areas having less traffic. It presents data reflecting the visual appeal of your website to visitors.

Heat map

Heat map analysis is another important trend you shouldn’t miss. Website designers always try to design websites in the most effective way possible, but sometimes, they also end up with some mistakes. There will always be web pages which are hardly visited. Having a heat map will help you track your website content.

Personalized suggestions

Surely, you already came across this specific feature while looking through websites. Others will show the products you have previously searched. Well, this is because they have personalized their settings based on your own browsing history.