5 Common eCommerce Website Mistakes

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  • Failure to Prioritize User Experience

Always consider user experience is a top priority. The very first issue you must take into account with regards to this is website loading speed. Page speed is essential for brilliant user experience, most especially on mobile devices. After optimizing speed, focus on making browsing experience an overall pleasant one. 

  • Crawlability Issues

Several open-source platforms are generating irrelevant pages which are, 99% of the time, indexed and crawled by bots. Do you know that the statement “the more indexed web pages, the better” is a misconception? Determine what content must or must not be indexed or crawled. Check your crawlability reports. Avoid keyword cannibalization, and indexing irrelevant pages. 

  • Low word count

Look for an ecommerce services company in Malaysia that can help you with your content strategy. Another problem that we can see here is the lack of effort in producing editorial content. If you are selling a particular product, you should know it very well. Explain to your target customer why it’s effective, useful and interesting by writing comprehensive articles. 

  • Sitemap Issues

Many sitemaps weigh more than what is allowed, while some have URLs which are different from the current one. Don’t be scared to make deep segmentations. Some marketers have domains with over 60 sitemaps, and zero problems. Don’t just divide your sitemaps for big projects. Make sure to check problem areas within your web pages. 

  • Unexperienced Website Owners and Employees

Digital marketing agency staff members, as well as website owners, must be SEO savvy and knowledgeable. Just one simple mistake may lead to terrible consequences. For instance, they must be able to realize that utilizing suppliers’ product descriptions can lead to lots of content issues. They should learn the basics, and then run regular website audits.