5 Helpful Tips for Planning a Memorable Event

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Did you know that some event project manager are tasked by their bosses to plan events for the company? That is actually true according to a recent corporate survey.

This only goes to show that whenever something big is going to happen, that you need to plan for it to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

That being said, whether you’re planning for a soiree, a wedding, or even those large- scale corporate events, here are some tips that will you plan for an event that they will never forget:

1. Know Your Spending Limits

Every person who is going to plan for an event will often fall victim of going over the budget. This usually happens when they’re not organized and if they do not do some prior research, especially on the best deals that they can find.

First, talk to your manager or client and know how much money they’re going to spend on the event. You need to know this because your future decisions will heavily depend on the money you’re going to work with. Definitely, know your spending limits.

2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

With smartphones being ubiquitous, it will give you a huge advantage in the planning process if you’re going to utilize some apps.

For example, if you want to know what food and drinks you want to serve on the party, you can create a survey or a poll so that people can just choose their preference based on the choices that you’ve input in the app.

Applications such as Doodle and Survey Monkey are perfect for this, although, there are some social media sites that allow you to create polls on the actual platform instead.

Making use of technology can really help you decide on whether what venue and menu to choose for the upcoming event.

3. Choose a Theme

You can try to narrow down your choices by choosing a particular theme and sticking with it. To answer the question about what theme you should use, you have to draw inspiration from something.

For instance, if you’re planning for a wedding, as the couples what their inspiration is and then go from there. Some of them might want to have a Japanese-inspired wedding, so you can get some decorations that would provide that Asian vibe.

Conversely, if they want a more modern wedding, you could opt for a simple décor that perfectly highlights the married couple instead.

4. Gather Them Up

If you’re hosting an intimate or “in-house” event, invitations should be sent out to your guests. You could take the extra step by adding an RSVP on the letter so that they can inform you if they’re going to the party or not.

If you’re opting for an informal and large-scale event, you could sell tickets instead. You can limit the number of people that can go to the event by, well, limiting the number of tickets that you sell.

5. Think Outside the Box

If your boss wants you to host a company event, you might want to pick a venue that is anywhere other than the office.

Picking a new place will actually increase camaraderie and it can help employees bond much better if you do so.