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6 WordPress Blogging Tips

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Default Tagline

Are you looking for top web hosting companies in Malaysia? Managing a WordPress blog is not easy, so you better choose the most reliable hosts that can effectively meet your needs. You should learn how to do your part, though. One of the things you must never forget about your blog? Chance its default tagline to something catchier. You may not have top-notch copywriting skills, but surely you can come up with one that can help drive in more traffic to your page.  


Don’t just settle of that basic default WordPress theme. There is always that theme that can help you improve your search engine raking. If you want, you can pick a free one from the themes directory, or purchase a more awesome alternative from Elegant Themes or Themify.

Categories and Tags

Make sure to limit the categories and number of tags on your blog. At some point, you will tempted to put plenty of tags, and then list your blog under multiple categories. This is not a good strategy, and wouldn’t help people find your web pages.

Email Address

Are you thinking of posting your email address somewhere on your blog? While this can help people reach out to you, it will also encourage spammers to send your junk messages. The better decision? Include a basic contact form on your website. This can be done with the help of reliable plug-ins.

Back Up

See to it that you have a website backup. You wouldn’t want to lose all of your hard work. Just in case hackers attack your platform, you wouldn’t lose lots of important information. WordPress users can do this under Tools > Export.

WordPress Update

Maintaining a blog on WordPress is not just about picking a theme, and sharing the link on social media. It needs to be updated religiously. Come up with a good content marketing plan that can help you gain more customers and readers overtime.