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7 Easy Ways to Make Sex Last Much Longer

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Male enhancement pills and libido boosters- these are the things that men usually take in order for them to last much longer in bed. Although they do work, you might also have to get worried about dependence as well.

Lasting longer in bed needs no medications at all as some of the most common causes of ‘finishing early’ are mostly psychological and physiological; the latter of which can be remedied through various simple things.

In this article, I will go over some easy ways to make sex last (much) longer.

Change Things Up

Routine sex positions can actually help a man finish much quicker than they would like. You could say that it is quite similar to Pavlovian theories.

To help delay ejaculation, changing things up by trying new sex positions can certainly help to a considerable degree. Plus, novelty can actually make sex even more exciting.

Improve Your Cardio

Doing some more cardio is actually quite beneficial not only for your overall health, but also your ability to last longer in the sheets.
When your heart gets more efficient at pumping blood, that would mean better blood flow overall which, for erectile dysfunction sufferers, is quite a good thing.

Do Some Kegels

How about men who suffer from premature ejaculation? Although sex experts agree that premature ejaculation is mostly caused by psychological factors, it is also part physiological as well.

Most of the PE sufferers have weak pelvic floor muscles, specifically the pubococcygeus muscle. Strengthening the said muscles can help you control your ejaculation even better.

To do that, you would have to do some Kegel exercises. If you are uncomfortable doing it because you thought that they are only for women, that is actually not the case.

A study done by Stockholm researchers found out that men who have done Kegel exercises for 12 weeks have shown remarkable improvement when it comes to ejaculatory restraint.

Engage in Lots of Foreplay

Foreplay is actually quite necessary before sex that men should make it a point to allot more time into it. Engaging in foreplay will allow you to feel good about yourself because you can help your partner reach orgasm even if you do not last as long as you should during the penetration phase.

Don’t Forget About the Refractory Period

Are you familiar with the term, refractory period? In the context of sex, it refers to a brief period of time that immediately takes place after a man ejaculates. The refractory period is where a man’s penis is unable to fully grasp any stimulation on the said organ and it would take about two hours or so before it returns to normal. You should take advantage of this.

Take Impotence Pills

Impotence is nothing to be ashamed of because it is actually quite a common condition in men. That being said, taking impotence pills such as Levitra or Viagra can help ED sufferers buy some time for sex.

Take Breaks

You might think that sex is all about thrusting your penis to win. Well, although there is some truth to that, it doesn’t mean that you have to thrust like a madman.

Slow and deliberate thrusts not only help you control your ejaculatory impulses but it also makes the deed so much more meaningful.