Finding the Best Pair of Maternity Jeans

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Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging experience. You are probably thinking about the child in your tummy every minute! But remember, pregnancy is not only about baby care. Shopping for baby bibs and baby thermometers in Malaysia is fun, but keep in mind that you also need to care for yourself. Have you bought a new set of maternity wear? 

If you want to be a stylish mom-to-be all throughout the pregnancy, focus on maternity fashion. Each women needs 1 to 5 pairs of jeans. They are highly comfortable, and is always part of the trend. Now, since pregnancy brings about great body changes, you need to choose new pairs of jeans that flatter your new shape. You would want to buy jeans that support your bump, and flatter your curves as the child grows.  

Pick the right style, color and fit that boost your confidence. 

Tips for looking for the best maternity jeans

  1. Try both under the bump and over the bump styles, and check which one your prefer.
  2. Pick a trusted brand.
  3. Select a pair of maternity jeans that stretches well, so you can move around easier. 
  4. Comfort should be your top priority at all times. Find high-quality cotton denim, and seam-free waistbands. 
  5. Go for the option that provides great value for money. 

The kind of maternity jeans you should be looking for?

  1. Straight jeans

Straight jeans are a bit wider in the leg area, and not fitted at the ankle part. It perfect for all kinds of body shapes. You can wear this along with statement jewelry and loose shirt. 

  1. Skinny jeans

This is a popular option for first-time mothers during the early stages of their pregnancy. It is a bit more revealing compared to bump jeans, so make sure to invest in longer maternity shirts. These are also great as post-pregnancy jeans, for the first 2 weeks of bonding with your child. 

  1. bootcut jeans

This kind of jeans slightly flare out a bit at the ankle area. Bootcut jeans are flaterring, specifically if you go for a much darker wash. You can pair this with a lace top and ankle boots.