Why do Infants Need Bibs

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Do you love shopping for your baby? Even before the child arrives, you would feel the need to buy important tools and accessories. From baby strollers and baby travelling bags, make sure you wouldn’t miss anything. There are tons of baby clothes and baby bibs in Malaysia that you can choose from.  

Never take home your kid from the hospital without baby bibs at home. This is an immediate need for newborns, and can aid them all throughout the entire baby development and growth process. Remember, even if your child is not yet eating solid food, she can make quite a mess during meal time. Infants drool excessively! It can dampen their baby clothes. With the help of a bib, you can save lots of money in terms of purchasing new clothes.  

Spitting Up

Spitting is a bit common in infants around 0 to 3 months old. Spitting is a common type of uncomplicated reflux, and occurs often when babies drink their milk too fast. Use a bib to avoid to change clothes every after feeding session. 

Baby bibs are easy to wash.

Buying baby clothes can cost you a lot. Instead of purchasing new outfits, you can just invest on a bib. A bib is easy to wash and use. 

Remove the bib before your baby goes to sleep.

Never let your kid fall asleep with her bib on. This is hazardous for them. You need to be careful, since your child may fall asleep after a feeding session. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wake her up just to remove it. Remove the bib right after eating.